Cycle 2 Day 23

Huzzah! We are TTC…again… For number 3.

Baby 2, Emma, was born prematurely, made it through a week’ish hospital stay, grew into a beautiful rough and tumble girl. And then our hearts broke and the world ended when she drowned 28 Sept 2014. Our world…my world came to a standstill. And no, I’m not ok. I will never be ok ever again. This was the clichéd Life changing event that a drunken hippie foresaw in my palm 13odd years ago. In the constant state of ‘Not OK’, i had to rewire my mind to shift the mean. Normal is up here, my Not-OK is about dooown here. So i shifted the mean of ok to where i am. Now if people ask if i am ok,i whip out my modified LJ chart and i can answer, Yes, I am OK.

Back to TTC Nr 3. (Technically 4 but i got a tattoo for that,so lets just call it 3 and be done with it)

Reality is: time did indeed NOT stand still. The world kept turning, i kept aging. Flowers bloomed and i missed Hobby X in Cape Town.
At my post funeral health checkup, my doctor asked if we were planning another child yet. And you know, honestly, i had. I was just wrestling with the socially acceptable mourning period that had to pass before TCC’ing again. I told my doc, we’ll think about it. After Christmas.

But like all serious decisions Henk and I’ve made,  we discussed it over a quick cuppa, hugged it out and did a baby dance.
That was before Christmas 2014. So I’m knee deep in Cycle 2. I haven’t felt any implantation pains like i had with previous pregnancies. But i believe that 2015 we WILL make a baby. We need some magic in our lives right now.

My clock is ticking.

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A Rose by any other name…


It’s only natural that the question after the question of baby’s gender would be baby’s name. *le sigh*. One would think that the public would remember how they came to know Amelia’s full name: from the complimentary birth announcement SMS courtesy of BabyBoom. Really, only Henk and I knew her full name. They family speculated and some tried to guess – I nipped that in the bud real quick. And some extended family only found out about my pregnancy when they received said sms…oops.

This time round Henk is adamant to be fully in charge of choosing a name. I told him that he was involved with Lili’s name as well; I made suggestions and expected his input. His input was to agree, so I still see her name choosing as being as democratic as two people can be. His version is of course different. I’ll just blame pregnancy hormonal surges and selective amnesia.

Which brings us to Mr not-so-very-traditional stamping his foot and insisting the second daughter’s name will be the daddy’s choice and also the paternal grandmother’s name(s). This is all good and fair, baring in mind mom-in-law has 4 (four) traditional Afrikaans names. This can present trouble filling in government service request forms as there might be too little space to cram all those characters in.

It’s not that I have anything against traditional family names; I think they are beautiful and need a place in our heritage. That’s how Lili got Elizabeth as a second name, honoring both her grandmothers. I’ve seen way too many nuutskeppings on facebook to have me cringing for a week. Combining parent’s names to create a unique baby name can be special, fitting and quirky. It’s just not for me. I’m not a fan.

So Henk and I are juggling a few names around. There’s not even a slim chance of having a non familial first name. But I argued against two big, familial names and a combination nickname; highlighting facts like hospital admission where health care workers would call your first name, and you might not register that they’re talking to you (a cousin has this problem). Or being assigned a generic email address in a big company using your first name (I speak from experience on this one. Not my own email though, but those of colleagues where if you don’t know that Bill-Bob in procurement was christened William Robert, you won’t find him on the internal contact list).

So we’ve been narrowing names down while Henk is recovering in hospital (not too serious, just a laparoscopic cholecystectomy). And no, I’m not telling what we decide on 😉 you’re going to have to wait for the birth announcement sms.

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23 week checkups

Double visit to specialists went very well!

Gyne only wants to see me after 5 weeks. Of course this comes after I told him I have my bp tested 2-3 times a week at the hospital and I see my GP every fortnight. He poked around a bit with the sonar and said it looks like it could be a girl.

The sonagrapher on the other hand was more certain, and Henk reckons she’s a bit more than batty. I loved her consultation! She confirmed that peanut is looking pink. Got some nice 4D footage in the beginning, but then peanut flat out refused to give a decent pic. She kept putting her hands up in front of her face – little diva already.

Her growth is normal – I was really worried about that. Because if mom’s bp is too high during pregnancy, it can stunt baby’s intrauterine growth. But she’s ever so slightly above the mean, there is enough amniotic fluid, the placenta is lying ok, no calcifications seen. Very positive visit J

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In case you didn’t believe me when I said I have to take a handful of pills daily.


This is what I have to gulp down every morning.

From left to right:
Adalat, 2 hypotone, preggy vitamin, folic acid, Omega 3&6, CalMag, Vitamin C, probiotic.

The CalMag and extra vitamin C is to help prevent pre-eclampsia, the first two keep my blood pressure relatively under control (I take two more helpings of two hypotone during the rest of the 24hour day), folic acid and omega are for baby, probiotic is for a bit of yeast infection I got going on. Oh the joys.

My hair and skin are looking fab with all these supplements. Dunno about my nails, I had gel tips whatever done. Have to go for a fill this Saturday too.

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