On charts, tracking and trying not to get confused

I have realized that the birds and the bees are much more organized and regulated than itchy teen falling pregnant sporadically. There is actually a science to it. And way more interesting that high school Biology class. This means that it’s track able. (I’m being very vague here cause otherwise this post might end up being 2 pages)

I think the most important date you have to know, is when you are ovulating… followed closely by when was your LMP. I use 3 different sites or programs to keep track.

The coolest by far is Fertility Friend. Every day you complete info form and it all gets plotted onto your chart. You can put you AF on there, CM, BD, test dates. BBT gets plotted on a graph and you can see when you are ovulating (spike in temperature). Your BBT can also help clue you in to see if you have fallen pregnant on that cycle. (Really just scratching the surface here, but this is mostly what I use the chart for)

Then I have an automatic ticker that I made at Lilypie.com that I use on forums and I have a little widget in the sidebar.

Now these are all online. I’m a big mobile fan and if there is an android friendly application I can play around with, then I want it. So I use MyDays on my phone. Similar to the online chart you enter info and can even upload it to their database. This app also predicts when my possible ovulation date will be, so I can get some BD’ing in around it.   I use it more for personal tracking and when I eventually see a doctor I have all the info readily available.

And now TTC’er should be without her support group. I love chatting at mommy.co.za . Relaxed atmosphere, lots of ladies with a whole range of experience, advice, beat-the-blues-jokes and good friends too.

About Tracy

I'm a thirty-something wife and mother. We live in a small town in Namakwaland where I manage an even smaller ClinPath lab.
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