Cycle 3 Day 11

So Henk is back, YAY! Plan of action is bd every second day… but had to purge him first 😉
I have a slight rise in temp today, but it’s the same as end of last week’s temp, so maybe I woke up twice again. But will have to cover tonight. Hopefully he won’t be too exhausted – not that it matters, even if he just lays there.
I’ll have to see if I can find some OPK’s at the pharmacy or Clicks.
Also I’m going to have to get over my swimmers gril, and just grin and bear it, bum in the air and resist the urge to haul off to the bathroom after some good nookie.

~~~***hmmmm… I see now that my last post was also on Monday… and what are the chances that i again pulled the chocolate flavoured oatsoeasy out of the box! (there are only 2 of each flavour in a box of 10) Huzzah! New week!


ETA: So I slipped away to the shops to find some opk’s – told my co-workers that I needed some serious moisturizer for Lili’s skin that won’t burn her. Which I do, and did. Can you BELIEVE that Johnson’s Babysoft Lotion burns like a crazy mf! When I rub it onto her arms she says ‘Eina’. So I put some on my face – bloody hell. It stings! Got some stuff at Clicks that I’ll try tonight…

That was so off topic/paragraph. Right. OPK’s. Can you BELIEVE that nowhere in this town can I find a simple little OPK? Clicks has none, and then some old ladies studying the multi-memory-vitamin supplements across the isle gave me the dirty eye cause the hpt’s were right THERE by the condoms… and lube. Silly billy. The pharmacy around the corner told me that they can order, but I had to tell the lady when I wanted it – duh. Now. Plskthxbye.

Next (and final) Pharmacy didn’t have any but said that if they order now, I can have it by tomorrow! I asked for 2 x packs of 10.  IO totally missed ordering from Marcel this cycle – sorry hun. But I’m CD11 already, and desperately want to see when I’m O’ing cause history has shown I suck at temping.
There. Rant over. Centrifuge went *ping*. Back to work.

About Tracy

I'm a thirty-something wife and mother. We live in a small town in Namakwaland where I manage an even smaller ClinPath lab.
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