Cycle 3 Day 20

You, I think the 2 week wait is the worst. My boobs are tender. My back is a little achey, and I’ve got heartburn. All prefectly plausable IPS. Also all perfectly explainable: Tenders boobs = I’ve gained some weighta and haven’t been wearing a bra since 18:00 this evening. Back is aching cause I’ve been plonked in front of this pc fo r the last 3 hours updating and researching. And I’ve got heartburn cause I just wolfed down an Oreo… or two.

So yes, Don’t know if I should call it 4DPO or 3DPO, cause genius took her thermometer with to the farm… but left it in the car. So not sure when I Ov’d. THEN when we got home I left it in the car again. It’s now sitting on the kitchen counter in my handbag – I still have to move it to my beadside table.. and it’s lamost wekend already.

In the mean time I plot my mood which has ranged from Irritable to good and back again. How many sleeps till I have to POAS again?

About Tracy

I'm a thirty-something wife and mother. We live in a small town in Namakwaland where I manage an even smaller ClinPath lab.
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