That is my new favourite number.

So this chick tells me to poas again yesterday afternoon. Just before closing time my colleagues accross the road phones to ask if I need to do a quant yet. I rush over and they draw some blood – extra EDTA for me too cause my Hb was a bit low at the blood bank last week. (WPBTS little hemacue instrument read 12.3 – my instrument reads it as 13 –> i trust mine more… cause it’s mine)

Anyhoo, tech phones me later and says that my BHCG quant is 113! We officially have a little bean that needs to stick stick stick.

I’m on a course for 3 days next week, so will go to the doc end of next week. And also to repeat the bloods.

Feels so unreal. all the IPS makes sense now. And my boobies are still tender. Henk is smiling from ear to ear. Here’s to a happy, healthy 9 months. Now to change my lifestyle so my BP won’t skyrocket like last time.

About Tracy

I'm a thirty-something wife and mother. We live in a small town in Namakwaland where I manage an even smaller ClinPath lab.
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