Yesterday’s count is 905! If you work it out it means t hat blobby blue bean’s levels have been roughly doubling every 48 hours since last Friday. I’m SO happy and glad and excited and nervous all at once!!!!

Doc could actually see an egg sac on her teeny tiny sonar scanner thingamabob. It was all snow to me. She still went on and on about how she couldn’t figure out why I was testing myself so regularly (i.e. 3 x βHCG tests in a row.) Then she realised that they were actually 48 hours apart each time and that they weren’t climbing as they should. She also couldn’t understand why the sac was so small and why it looked very VERY early on the official sonar on Monday. I told her that I only ovulated around CD16/CD17, and I told her about how we’ve been TTC’ing and about mommy.co.za etc.  And I think all around the penny finally dropped. She’s also glad that I’m feeling nauseous and it’s possible my family history is related regarding progesterone – my Mom had to have injections whe she was pregnant with me. Way back then there wasn’t any alternative to those shots.

SO – doc is happy. I’m happy. Henk’s happy. We’re all happy. BUT I’m sort of keeping a lid on telling everyone until we’re in the 12 week clear. Stop snickering, no one ever reads this blog. I haven’t mentioned anything on facebook. A few tweets might have hinted, but as far as I’m concerned, only the lot on mommy know, my doc, my immediate colleagues, my parents, Henk’s parents and somehow my cousin found out, but think my Mom told her. Oh, and of course the pharmacy cause of the meds I had to get there. And the idiots who asked me about it at Wimpy last Saturday, but I snarked them off quite rudely. So except for THOSE people, no one else knows yet.

About Tracy

I'm a thirty-something wife and mother. We live in a small town in Namakwaland where I manage an even smaller ClinPath lab.
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1 Response to 905

  1. supachik says:

    I KNOW – and that’s all that counts.

    MWAH love you babe and baby blue!

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