I have an appointment with GP doc on Thursday.

My gynae actually phoned me yesterday! *Jaw drop* I was a wee bit worried at why SHE would be phoning ME. but she only wants to see my at 12-13weeks, and since we’re coming from far-far away, I should sommer see the sonargrapher on the same day. That’s the first week of October people!

Did I mention that I’m tired? Actually I’m exhausted. Come 2pm I just want to sleep. And it doesn’t help much that my berry elixer is at home. Will try and remember it tomorrow.

Oh, and it’s the vitamins that are making me nauseous. I forgot that the same thing happened with Lili; I had to take my vits just before bedtime… and also not read to late cause I can actually FEEL the green washing over me.

I’m taking a general pregnancy supplement from Clicks, folic acid and Omega something for brain development. And echenia (?sp) to keep away colds and flu. And of course still the progesterone supp for another week.

About Tracy

I'm a thirty-something wife and mother. We live in a small town in Namakwaland where I manage an even smaller ClinPath lab.
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  1. supachik says:

    BLUE BLUE BLUE!!!!! mark my words!

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