19 weeks, few days!

We are so close to 20 weeks like damnit to a cuss!

Honestly, I didn’t think we were going to make halfway. We are taking this pregnancy one week at a time. I’m much more reserved and don’t perform any stupid stunts – no painting the nursery at 35 weeks this time round 😉

Except for my back (which I’ve learned to fool into not hurting so bad) and the cold Henk gave me, the only real complaint I have is spontaneous nausea/vomiting. Really… it’s that bad.

And for funny things too. Any faecal smell sends me retching. Not my own poop, of course; that smells of rosewater and moonshine*. Wiping Amelia’s bum is just about the death of me. Entering the en suite after someone had a perfectly normal bowel movement has me sprinting to the guest loo and greeting my dinner again. What about other nasty whiffs, like a dustbin? We’ve had a few scorcher days these past few weeks. I’ve learned to hold my breath; tripping while running out of the kitchen isn’t on my to-do list.

But it doesn’t stop with smells. Experience shows that sounds are just as guilty into triggering my gag reflex. Please do not blow your mucous clogged nose in my general vicinity. The sound of it alone send my tummy into spasms. And then this morning I had to hear about the cut Fear Factor challenge. Just cause I haven’t eaten anything yet, doesn’t mean I can’t still hug porcelain with dry heaves.

And that presents another challenge. With my ever increasing waistline and pinched nerve or two… let’s just say I’m working on my aim. Gravity is a close ally.

Might need a sensory deprivation chamber in a few weeks 😉

*deliberate alcohol reference

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Deciding on nursery theme

Kind of probably still in denial about being pregnant. I know it sounds unbelievable, but it’s true and I am. Maybe it’s because we haven’t started buying anything new yet, since we have a lot left over from when Amelia was a baby {Which provides some financial relief – whew}.

But I also don’t want this little one to be a hand-me-down baby. So easiest place to start is with a unisex nursery. Same as I did for Amelia. Before we knew baby’s gender I had already chosen a theme and colour scheme and communicated this to close friends and family – you know, if they wanted to buy something theme related.

And since a lot of people are leaning toward blue {doc even said she might maybe kinda have seen a little tower – but I mustn’t take her word for it}. Amelia’s broad theme was yellow and giraffes. It only changed to full on pink last year when we moved in to our new house. So for lovely bouncy baby number two I’m thinking along the lines of mint green and chocolate elephants.

I found some inspiring pics, see below. What do you think?




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I feel a completely changed pregnant person. I actually made it past 10 am without once thinking of how tired I was – because I wasn’t. I kid you not, but for the first time in about 10 weeks I felt good. All thanks to Adalat.

Hypotone  wasn’t controlling my blood pressure at it should have. My diastole just didn’t want to drop below 100. That’s when my doctor decided to put me on Adalat. She warned me that I’ll be feeling terrible. Her exact words were along the lines of “If you think you feel bad and are tired now, for about a week you’re going to feel like crap!”. Urg, and I did.

Two days ago was the worst though. On top of the tiredness I was felt lightheaded and a like I had a cold coming, even a bit hypoglycaemic. But most excellent news was that my diastole dropped to 83. 83!! Doc sad my body would take about a week to adjust to normal blood pressure; since it had to cope with high bp for so long.

I felt so good today! I hit up several shops and bought some craft supplies. I’ve had all these ideas, but absolutely no inclination to start (or if do I don’t finish it) and just thinking about hunting down the supplies and preparing a work space and making time to craft… just couldn’t be bothered. But I can feel that THAT has changed.

So I raise my glass of tap water, and crack a silent nod to glowing, crafting and smiling the rest of this pregnancy.

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Now what?

My bloodpressure is high. My feet feel swollen. And yesterday a dipstick showed trace protein in my urine.
We’re almost at 14 weeks.
How can I NOT be worried??

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