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Cycle 7 Day 26

Imagine we get a bfp on Christmas day. That would be a super gift. A blessing. So far, boobies are tender. And I’ve been grumpy as hell. Poor Henk. Ok, so hold thumbs!

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Cycle 3 Day 26

Omw, I’m so nervous. Seriously nervous. Technically I’m 10DPO, so using the super sensitive strips from MB I should be able to pick something up tomorrow’ish. But I don’t think I’ll be able to handle disappointment or ecstasy in the … Continue reading

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Totally miffed – Cycle 2 Day 26

Am SO annoyed right now. I can’t find my hpt’s. They were in the original padded envelope from MB next to the microwave (which is like my Inbox @home) and now it’s missing. I phoned our maid and asked where … Continue reading

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