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I have an appointment with GP doc on Thursday. My gynae actually phoned me yesterday! *Jaw drop* I was a wee bit worried at why SHE would be phoning ME. but she only wants to see my at 12-13weeks, and … Continue reading

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I’m so nauseous I can just toss my cookies… but I haven’t. Waiting for 12pm appointment with doc. Will ask her if it’s maybe the progesterone that causes this. Am also a wee bit randy. Not complaining.

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We have a plan of action. My gynae feels that my progesterone is too low for the number of weeks I’m supposed to be. The sonar shows that blob is THERE but a bit low – at least it’s not … Continue reading

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Am feeling MUCH better than I did this afternoon. Went to see my GP at 13:20 —> I couldn’t hold my pee any longer. I felt like I was bursting! She agreed that it doesn’t look promising, but wanted to … Continue reading

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