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Cycle 7 Day 16

But who’s keeping count? Had some lekker sticky cm on Tuesday (13) and Wednesday(14) so we bd on day 14. H said he doesn’t care if there is a chance that baby will share Lili’s birth month, as long as … Continue reading

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Cycle 7 Day 1

There. Not pregnant. Again. And you know what irks me? People asking when the next one is due; I tell them that we’re working on it, but it’s not going as well as planned. Then THEY tell me that I … Continue reading

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Cycle 5 Day 4… according to my chart.

And here I thought I was on the brink of full blown bi-polar. I had visions of cumfy couches, padded walls, fists full of drugs induced permanently mellow rose-tinted world. First I was beyond ecstatic cause Ambitions came on Friday, … Continue reading

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We have a plan of action. My gynae feels that my progesterone is too low for the number of weeks I’m supposed to be. The sonar shows that blob is THERE but a bit low – at least it’s not … Continue reading

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