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Cycle 7 Day 26

Imagine we get a bfp on Christmas day. That would be a super gift. A blessing. So far, boobies are tender. And I’ve been grumpy as hell. Poor Henk. Ok, so hold thumbs!

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Cycle 6 Day 25

My boobies are tender. And my opk was negative on day 13…and I couldn’t find my other tests to repeat it 3 days later. That is all.

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Cycle 5 Day 30

If no AF by tomorrow morning, I’m going to poas. Promise. I don’t feel PMS’y. No funny moods, no cramps; have been craving eggs though and spicy stuff. Not reading anything into that. If this cycle is a miss, we’ll … Continue reading

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Cycle 5 Day 4… according to my chart.

And here I thought I was on the brink of full blown bi-polar. I had visions of cumfy couches, padded walls, fists full of drugs induced permanently mellow rose-tinted world. First I was beyond ecstatic cause Ambitions came on Friday, … Continue reading

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